The Wrecking Crew

The AM Wrecking Crew originally started a little over one year ago (2/24/16) with a couple of guys that enjoyed lifting heavy things. Chase had been lifting for about two years at that time and I (Eric) was just getting started. Just previous to this I had seen a video with Mark Rippetoe demonstrating how to properly do the basic barbell lifts with Brett McKay. As soon as I saw these videos I realized that my form was terrible and I had to do something about it. Soon after that I purchased Starting Strength 3rd Edition and convinced Chase that we should start power lifting together. The hard part was to convince him that 5:30 am was a good time to be lifting. However he did agree and thus the AM Wrecking Crew was born.

Now almost one year later both Chase and I have seen some significant improvement in strength and form. We have also grown our little group some. We are up to four people lifting on a consistent basis. We have had a few others join us from time to time but most people don’t stick around. Lifting at 5:30 isn’t the easiest thing to do but it works for us.

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